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Many residents struggle with hiring professionals because it can be extremely expensive. From the dripping pipes in your cellar to the loosened nails on your porch, there are a lot of undertakings that you will need to take on throughout your time owning a home. How should you make a decision which projects are good for doing it yourself and which ones you should give over for a professional? The basic rule of thumb is not to take any projects on if there is a high probability of you becoming injured or there is a likelihood that you could result in added damage to your dwelling if you do it incorrectly. When it comes to plumbing, most problems could end up much worse if you do the wrong thing, so we believe it is best always to work with a plumber when you are having issues. Whether you are suffering from a leaking toilet or a broken garbage disposal, our professionals can help. Here are just a few of the services that we provide:

Some Of The Services We Offer

  • Drain cleaning
  • Garbage disposal repair service
  • Hose pipe bib installment
  • Insulation installation
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Drain repair
  • Shower repair
  • Sink repair service
  • Bathroom repair service
  • Hot water heater repair service
  • Valve repair work

The Benefits To Working With Jiffy Plumbing

First and foremost, all of our plumbers are protected. Many people don’t realize there is some risk involved in plumbing. Plumbers can get cuts from sharp metal pipes. They can have problems if they breathe in too much mold and mildew. Elements of plumbing material can fall and impair them. There is also a chance that they can end up with missing fingers due to garbage disposal mishaps (do not worry these accidents are not common). Because of some of the threats involved in plumbing, all of our technicians have on the job insurance. This implies that if they are injured in the process, you will not be held accountable. If you take on these projects on your own, however, not only are you more likely to make a miscalculation and wound yourself, but you will also be responsible for the medical charges. We make sure to take care of our employees so you do not have to worry about them or yourself.landover-hills-plumbing-company
Our goal at Jiffy Plumbing is to prevent a lot of stress while providing excellent customer service. Running a home is demanding. We get that shelling out money every time a challenge comes up is not optimal, but if you choose to handle the projects on your own, then you will be sinking in stress. Save your spirit for more important things like tossing a football with your son and observing your daughter twirl around your living room. Leave your plumbing challenges to the pros.

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All of our technicians are highly trained and certified. Earlier, when  we said that you would be more likely to make a misjudgment than a qualified professional plumber, this applies to any career.  A trained professional has the knowledge and experience to approach a wide variety of problems. However, it has been our experience that many people believe they can fix all of the problems in their own home. When a person who chooses to do things on their own they can end up inducing more damage than good. These homeowners routinely spend more money in the end than if they had gone with a contractor in the beginning. Please contact the technicians at Jiffy Plumbing today, we can make sure that your problem is address is a timely and safe manner.