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If you own a home, you should be on top of all your plumbing maintenance responsibilities. After all, routine plumbing maintenance is the best and most effective method of preventing large disasters and costly repairs. One of the most important maintenance needs for a residential plumbing system happens to also be one of the most overlooked and procrastinated. We are talking about annual drain clearing, and it is a central part of protecting your home’s overall plumbing system.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning with the high-pressure jets streams is often done to make sure that footer drains are cleaned. Restaurant sewer lines that can be coated with grease are another target for these high-pressure systems. These large systems are often used by commercial plumbers, but there are new, smaller versions that may be used by residential plumbers. They must be fully trained on its use because the water at that high pressure could cause serious injury or property damage if not used properly.

There are several benefits to professional drain clearing services, all of which make for perfect reasons to have it done on time, every year. The top reasons why you should consider having your home’s drainage system professionally cleaned includes money savings, better-quality water flow, improved plumbing system performance, prolonged plumbing system lifespan, and overall plumbing protection. Continue reading to learn a little more about each of these benefits, and how to get started on your annual drainage cleaning this year.

Cost Savings

When your plumbing system is working as it should, it is being energy efficient. This saves you money on water and energy bills, and reduces the need for costly plumbing replacements, like water heaters, water softeners, showers, and more.

Better Water Flow

Water pressure can make or break a good shower. It can also affect your dish washing, laundry, gardening, and much more. If your water flow is poor, routine maintenance like annual drain cleaning can remove blockages to help improve it instantly.

Improved Performance

When your drainage system is clean and clear, all of the related plumbing systems that operate in conjunction with one another will work better. This includes sump pumps, water heaters, water softeners, water purification systems, plumbing pipes, water lines, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, faucets, and more.

Extended Lifespan and Overall Protection

When you are taking good care of your home’s plumbing, you are protecting it from damage, thus prolonging its lifespan at the same time. The key to maintaining a functioning and long-lasting plumbing system is to stay on top of your routine maintenance needs.

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When you are ready to have your drains cleaned, your first step is to contact a trusted plumber from Jiffy Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. They have the licenses, skills, and resources to provide comprehensive plumbing services, including annual and bi-annual maintenance needs for drains, water heaters, water softeners, sump pumps, and more.

By doing your part in clog prevention, you won’t have to have a professional drain cleaning service come very often to clear your drains. If you work hard to limit the things that go down the drain, such as hair, then you are helping to maintain healthy drains. You can also run very hot water down your drains several times a week to loosen small particles before they bind to the walls of the pipes.