Geothermal Heating Systems

Geothermal Systems: Your Heating and Cooling System’s Best Friend

You can provide faster and lower-cost heating, cooling, and hot water for your building in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia by harnessing the earth’s natural temperature. Jiffy Plumbing & Heating can help you do this by installing ground source heat pumps (GSHPs).


Designed to complement your heating and cooling system, a ground source heat pump can keep your home comfortable and reduce your energy consumption by 20-50 percent! Not only will your heating and cooling systems work faster and reduce environmental strain, they’ll also save enough money to completely recoup your heat pump investment in as little as three years.

Systems Available for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Areas

GSHPs are a fusion of heating, cooling, and hot water heating. GSHP systems conserve energy because they move heat that already exists rather than burning something to create heat.

GSHPs are very reliable and durable because they feature fewer mechanical parts and pieces. Any components are either buried underground or contained within the home, which will protect them from the elements. Underground parts carry up to a 50 year warranty. Manufacturer, federal, state, and county rebate programs may be available when installing a GSHP system. Additionally, some utilities offer rebates or incentives to their customers who purchase GSHPs.